About Nearber

What is Nearber?

Nearber is a new app which tracks your position via Google Maps API and shows you everything that's happening in your proximity. It includes Social Network, Market, Events, Activities, Dating, Jobs and Properties everything at one place on Nearber.

What is the Problem?

Even though we are that close to each other, we still have a lack of information about our surroundings. People, Businesses, Places, Events. Nearber offers a solution to get the maximum from the place where you currently are.


Missing the way how to interact with people nearby anytime, anywhere you go. Real-time interactions.


Lack of up to date information about what is happening nearby. Ever found a hidden gem just next door your usual hangout place?


Meeting the same friends, doing the same things, simply, stuck in a rut. Don’t you feel bored with predictable updates from your never-changing friends? Extend your social connections with Nearber.

More examples:

  • Sport
    None of your friends want to be your jogging partner? Maybe the guy next door has the same issue. Connect with each other on Nearber.

  • Friends
    Have you moved to the new city and don’t know anyone there? Share something interesting about yourself on Nearber and attract people living nearby

  • Events
    Stop googling “What to do in the city this weekend” every Friday. Check events happening nearby, no matter that you are in town for the first time. See what to do on Nearber. Everything you see on Nearber is always near you.

  • Places
    Interesting places are all around you. Natural Sights, Shops, Pubs, Restaurants, Clubs, Parks, Businesses. Discover them with Nearber.

  • Activities
    Would you love to learn something new? Language, programming, singing, whatever. The success comes easier when you have a partner. Maybe your neighbors want to learn the same or maybe they can teach you.

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Few Words About the Future

As you might notice, there are a lot of features missing. Why? Because it is a startup. But as long as the number of users grows, we will add new features. And you can help us to grow by clicking like and share Nearber on your social networks. We will do our best to create features to make Nearber easy to use, we promise. What kind of features? Well, everyone is using Nearber for a different reason, so one of the first steps will be creating filters so everyone will be able to select what kind of posts will be shown to them. Why? Let me give you an example. Someone is using Nearber just for sports activities nearby and not for job opportunities, so why should they scroll over job opportunities. Got my point? And many more features to come ...

Meet the Creator

Tomas Vohradnik experienced in IT, marketing and project management. A positive extrovert with an endless passion for startups.

VCs / Angel Investors?

Here is the Pitch Deck. Seems like the next unicorn? Contact me at tomas@nearber.com.

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